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Thank you for visiting our martial arts website. We have included a short video for you to view. Our academy has several unique offers to Get You Started! Please complete any form on our site and our staff will get in touch with you with more information on how we can Get You Started.

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Longoria's Black Belt Academy Karate for Kids Program

Karate For Kids

Kids Karate classes are specifically designed for the physical and mental development of younger children.

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Longorias Black Belt Academy Kickboxing Program


Improve flexibility, core strength, endurance and mental sharpness while learning how to defend yourself.

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Longorias Black Belt Academy Krav Maga Program

Krav Maga

Challenge your mindand body with a self-defense system that has real-life applicaions as well as helps manage stress.

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I wouldn’t go anywhere else

You won't find any other place that will care about you & your family/kids more than the Longoria's! Their focus is always the importance & safety of family, as well as integrity of the art of martial arts. Love this place! I wouldn't go anywhere else, or trust my kids with anyone else!

Jennifer Waller February 4, 2015

Incredibly Impressed With The Staff

Incredibly impressed with the way the staff interacts and guides the preschool aged kids. My four year old is excited to go four days a week because "My teachers are so nice!

Kimberly Chauche February 4, 2015

Absolutely great.

Absolutely great. They do a perfect job of mixing the right amount of fun and discipline. Martial arts are not just for kids and teens, adults can get started too!

David Bader February 4, 2015

We highly recommend LBBA!

We highly recommend LBBA! Great teachers and great family business! We are so grateful that our sons get to learn and grow here!"

Carrie Reiber Sup February 4, 2015

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Message from School Owner Daniel Longoria

Welcome to Longoria’s Martial Arts academy where we have been serving the Lincoln, NE community for almost 40 years. We are eager to show you what we have to offer you and your family and why we are the top Martial Arts School in the region.

Serving Lincoln for almost 40 years

Self defense, Conditioning, self confidence/Bully defense, fellowship….whatever your reason, we have the program for you and your family!

We offer great choices to help you reach your goals…

Your wellbeing is worth a simple 2 hours a week …

Bringing A Success Mindset

A large factor of success lies in bringing the right attitude and mindset to your endeavors. By staying focused and positive you can achieve your aims more quickly. Martial Arts can provide the keys to maintaining a success-oriented mindset can help put you on the path to leading a more successful fulfilling life. A lack […]

Martial Arts: Exercise and Emotional Improvement

Exercise positively influences mental health. You might just be surprise how beneficial Martial Arts can be both mentally and physically, stress is relieved and memory improved. Sleeping gets better and overall mood levels are generally raised. Anyone who exercises gets to begin reaping these rewards without needing to completely reorient their life or become a […]

Endurance Training With Martial Arts

Exercise is an important part of staying healthy. However, there are different kinds of exercises and doing all of them is the best way to gain maximum benefit. Generally, there are 4 categories of exercise that a karate school will focus on. These include: Strength Balance Flexibility Endurance Unfortunately, a lot of people, especially men, […]

Be Prepared With Self-Defense Training

It’s a scary world out there. Every night the news is full of stories of people hurting others. So you decide you should protect yourself and your family. When it comes to self-defense, you really need to consider a few things. First of all, what is the level of force you are comfortable using? Forget […]