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Senior Master Daniel Longoria

Senior Master Daniel Longoria

8th Degree Black Belt
Updated: 10.03.2011

Owner of Longoria’s Tactical Martial Arts
66th & Holdredge – Bethany (Main) Location


  • American Taekwondo Association, World Traditional Taekwondo Union, Songahm Taekwondo Federation, Sr. Master Instructor Certificate, 8th Degree Black Belt Ranking
  • Midwest Hapkido Federation Instructor Certificate, 5th Degree Black Belt Ranking
  • Founder of CardioKICKS aerobic kickboxing systems
  • Protech Training Systems Weapons Instructor Certificate. (Traditional Korean Weapons)
  • Krav Maga Level 3 Certified Instructor. (Israeli Hand to Hand Combat training)
  • Krav Maga Force Training Instructor. (Law Enforcement training)
  • Krav Maga Gun Retention & Defense Instructor
  • Krav Maga Edged Weapon Defense Instructor
  • Associate Degree: Southeast Comm. College
  • Restaurant management certificate (3.75GPA)

Awards & Honors

  • 1986 ATA Most Improved Taekwondo School
  • Finished three times in the TOP TEN of the ATA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP tournament circuit
  • Highlighted in Red Belt “The Way Book Series”
  • Featured on three Black Belt DVD’s for American Taekwondo Association 2005
  • 2000 Lincoln Chamber of Commerce “Outstanding Minority Owned Business Award” (Co-owner Arturo’s Mexican Restaurant)


  • Boxing
  • Competitive Power Weightlifting two years
  • Competitive Wrestling ten years
  • Shotakan Karate three years
  • CardioKICKS aerobic Kickboxing since 1996
  • Hapkido Since 1989
  • ATA School owner since 1985
  • Songahm Taekwondo since 1978
  • Teaching Martial Arts since 1979
  • Restaurant Owner/Manager since 1976 (Retired 2005)
  • University of Nebraska Taekwondo Instructor Levels 1, 2 & 3 since 2001
  • Krav Maga Israeli self-defense Instructor since 2002
  • Krav Maga Law Enforcement Hand to Hand combat Instructor since 2005

Pati Longoria

Pati Longoria
Co Owner, Program Manager and Fitness Director of Longoria’s Black Belt ACademies

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Kickboxing Instructor since 1996
  • Certifies Barre Instructor
  • 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo
  • Black Belt in Krav Maga
  • TAC Krav Maga Certified Instructor
  • Certified All American Training Instructor